All for a little bit of fabric…

Have you ever slept on a canopy or half canopy bed? Did you feel different if you have? Here is my theory: The last time you slept under a canopy, it was when you were a baby, being tucked into your pram. A feeling of security. Ridiculous, really, by putting a scrap of fabric above your head you can invoke an inexplicable feeling of safety and shelter but I think it is true.

canopy bed

Want to make your own canopy bed? It isn’t hard. I used three old verandabrackets and various scrapwood, with hefty steel brackets chiselled into a rebate and sandwiched in between the wood. Don’t worry, once you start analysing it will all make sense. There are many ways to go about it, none are correct and none wrong as long as it stays up. Then when you are done, hem a long length of fabric and simply drape it. I used a pale cotton lining to a deep outer fabric. Without the lining it became a bit dull. Then I nailed a large square of fabric straight to the wall to give the bed a backing. I will regret doing that, in time, but I will change it when I do. Tassels, don’t forget tassels.