Steamer trunks

small trunk

I love steamer trunks. The plastic tubs we buy for storage these days has nothing on these proud, solid cases. It has been a while since I made any, but I am currently doing a few more. This one is from my last batch, it is the smallest I have ever made. You might indeed wonder why this is on my accommodation blog but though it is for my studio gallery and not for the Pip, all guests do get a discount on anything they might want to buy. I am also making a few dovecots… Glorious in any garden! Essentially, as I have had a lot of bookings lately I have no chance to work on the house, and so have to knock a few things up for sale instead. You have to spend your time with something, after all, and I choose to play with wood and paint.

If you happen to head to Daylesford this weekend, Mikelangelo (the singer, not the painter, obviously) is coming to the Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine on Sat to do an acustic set of new songs about Melbourne. If you can, just go. He is great live.