Everybody needs an odd hobby

I have a strange little hobby, secret until now but I find it vaguely amusing so prospective guests might too. It regards matching guests up to music choice. If you check in when I am at the gallery, there will be no opportunity for me to play music for when you arrive, but sometimes I arrange to meet guests up at the house instead. Especially nice if arriving late on a winter’s night for instance. While I wait for guests to arrive I sometimes take a gamble and put on some background music. This involves me imagining you, the guest. It is incredibly difficult as all I have is a name, perhaps some emails, if I am lucky, a phonecall. On those grounds I make a choice which I hope will suit. Oh so hard. Sometimes I just put on something I like, as I totally fail to conjure up an image of the guest. I do believe I get it right sometimes.

Not long after I had opened and things were still very unfinished I had a DJ from Melbourne come to stay. I had not yet any speakers. They had a much more silent weekend than they anticipated, as the only ways of bringing sound was to play it yourself on the instruments which I provide. Things are better now, and I think I could even match that guest with a suitable soundtrack.

You can always hit the OFF switch.