tile map…


This is what I am working on at the moment, can’t wait to see the space finished. There are several medieval maps done in tiles as an overglazing. I have copied a selection of Ortelius maps, there is one of Magellan’s final voyage in the ”Victoria” (pictured, see Terra Australis on the bottom, connecting with South America. Note how huge PNG is!), one of the Kingdom of Valencia (Spain, really), and one of the north of France with the Channel. Nearly forgot Iceland, it is full of seamonsters, volcanoes, monasteries and polar bears on icefloes. Due to the awkward shape of that wall I had to split Iceland in two, and put one half above the other. The carved wood is a part of an old fireplace surround, and the coppar is the last bit of the hot water tank I ripped apart for the kitchen floor details. The masking tape is my own, and won’t be a feature for long. I imagine candles instead reflecting a flickering glow in the warmth of the coppar. Or maybe the masking tape is JUST the finishing feature the room demands!

map2I should probably say that the tiles are painted with an overglaze, then baked on, then reassembled (I number them on the back). It works best on low grade tiles, as really expensive glazing on tiles will be less receptive to the overglazing. It is just too much fun to do. I want the whole world! Give me a bigger room… I bought seven square metres of matte white tiles on ebay, they are high quality but fine to use for the purpose. If you are uncertain of what tiles to use, should you fancy giving it a go yourself, buy one of each tile available, paint and bake, then see which tile worked best. I can show you the products I use, can even give a workshop if you wish. I think that for maps, a matte finish is the most convincing.

Here are a few shots of the Ortelius tiles.