Totally uninteresting

Over the last couple of years I have been gradually tackling the laundry. It is such an unimportant area for guests, as no one has any reason to go in there. Totally uninteresting. This is just as well, considering the huge mess it has been in. I am now thrilled to say it is showing a marked improvement. When you have reached the point of supergluing lambs to the walls, you know you are near the end, right? laundry2 I am extremely hard to please when it comes to furniture. I have been pouring over Ebay listings of chests of drawers for absolutely ages, and finally found one which I could buy though it needed a bit of work. Here it is, done. Great laundry storage, an Edwardian piece in pretty good nick. I painted the floor every second board white, every second board black. Yes, it will wear and scuff but will only improve. My friend the butler gave me an old wooden compartment thingy, here it is, screwed to the laundry wall. I think it shows just how tidy the laundry will become, and remain! laundry3I also have a beautiful ship on windowledge. It is in case the sheep needs to go somewhere (hard when you are glued to the wall, but all the same…)

laundry4Still, I am the only one who will use it, but if I can get some sort of pleasure from laundry and cleaning products, so much better. Why waste an opportunity to make a room more attractive? Why ignore the laundry? These are the Big Questions.