There’s an electrician in my hallway

Often you come across visual obstacles in your renovations or decorations. Hiding them can be either a difficult and expensive issue, or fun. I opted to highlight this hideous electricity box in the hallway of my studio gallery. It is hard to see the red wiring coming down from the ceiling via the electricity box into her hands, second pic is clearer.

Electrician Hallelectrician wiringI made 3D pockets out of MDF as business card holders.

electrician pocket2The front door opens in such a way that it covers her, which is fine. There is little use I could put this space to, anyway.electrician hall2I posed for her myself. Just as a rough guide. She is much younger looking, of course, having no lines, but I have more muscles. She is also a little simple looking and rather long in the waist, but a girl can’t have everything! It is ridiculously difficult to draw something this large, especially when you can’t step back further than a metre. electrician 3

electrician 4

I enjoyed making her so much that I also drew two girls holding up the hallway mirror.

mirror girls