Bath salt recipe

Making your own wonderful bath salts is the easiest thing ever. Done in minutes and truly economical. I have just added a couple to the bathroom at the Pip. They are Mandarin & Frankincense and Rosewood & Cinnamon.

We have a lovely shop here called Daylesford Aromatherapy. I get their shampoo and bodywash as well. I have my own blend for the Pip shower, Bergamot, Frankincense & Cedarwood. If you like it, you can go there and ask for the Sandra Broman blend, they keep a logbook of individual mixes. Or make up your own!

I thought it would be interesting to mention at this point what is so good about Epsom Salt, as opposed to other salt, but the lack of scientific evidence is such that I cannot make any startling claims here. I can say this however: Apparently, according to Internet sources, Victoria Beckham uses Epsom baths to help streamline her figure. Yup. Let’s just go with that. Whatever benefits Epsom may have (or not) it does give a slicker feel to the water. Salt in general is good to bathe in, even nurses recommend it. I once had a tricky wound and the nurses said ”Just throw a handful of plain salt in the bath every day.” Brilliant.

Being a bathroom, I am using plastic containers for safety. Not so attractive, but they live in a cupboard so I will just suffer through the hideousness of it. Glass breaks.


Epsom Salt – some

Other salt – lots

Bicarb – some

Essential Oil (get quality ones, it really matters. It is going on your skin!) – a few drops only

No need to measure anything, it actually doesn’t matter. It is not like a cake which has to rise.

Here’s how:

Pour some Epsom Salts in a container, I mix straight into the container where they will be kept.

Add a few drops of essential oil, stir well.

Add salt of whatever kind you like. Stir more.

Add bicarb. Stir again. I don’t add any colouring or herbs, but you can. Looks pretty, but makes a mess.

That’s it. If you want ideas for combining oils, go to Daylesford Aromatherapy. Around the corner from Coles, two doors down from Pizzeria La Luna.