Being stressed is no good at all. Though a visit to Daylesford might not fix the source of it, you might come away from here feeling a whole lot more relaxed. Here are five shortcuts to reduce stress:

  1. Meditation and relaxation. Do nothing, stare into space and let time pass you by.
  2. Nature is MADE to relax you. Visit forests and nature of any kind as much as you can manage. The natural sounds of birdsong, water and leaves in the wind reduces your blood pressure, pulse and halts the stresshormones, according to a studie in Sweden recently. I could have told them that! If you want company in the forest, walking on unknown tracks, my friend David offers guided walks. Even less stress with someone knowledgeable to show the way.
  3. Spend time with animals. I can’t offer much of that at the Pip, but animal time is brilliant for general wellbeing. You can watch the birds in the garden, coming in for a drink or some nectar, but I am not sure birds count. You could go horseriding at Boomerang Ranch, that would certainly count. Would be doubly good, as they ride in the forest. Nature AND animals.
  4. Sing! Especially singing in a group is good. Oxytocin levels go up, which can only be beneficial. I have lots of music at the Pip, sing like no one is listening (and no one can hear you anyway). Get the tambourine going.
  5. Laugh! Laughing gets certain signalling hormones going in your brain which in turn create calm and reduces stress. Watch a comedy, or maybe meet up with the Daylesford Laughter Club, they meet on the second Saturday of each month. Laughter yoga has been going for a few years in Daylesford now, all welcome, free event.

Daylesford is relaxing in many other ways, simply because of being country. We have no traffic lights, only a handful of roundabouts, very little traffic, and a generally relaxed lifestyle surrounded by nature in every direction. Hope to see you de-stress here soon!