Rain at last!

Rain today, a good time to photograph a grateful garden. Victoria has only had a fraction of its normal rain for the season, so I (and the garden) enjoyed it tremendously.

rain9For the first time, the gooseberries are actually fruiting! I am so excited. It’s been three years of waiting… Apparently, gooseberries thrive on neglect so they are a good plant for me. You can take upright hardwood cuttings in autumn, might try that and grow some more. I have read that they really like windy sites, and I have just the spot outside the front. Merciless winds come straight up the hill. This particular bush is in a sheltered location and receives no particular favours at all, apart from an annual sprinkling of organic fertiliser. And rain, today.

rain7rain4Both honeysuckle and jasmine flower at the same time, such beautiful scents.

rain3I lost a packet of snowpeas a while ago, only to find it had dropped in the laundry trough and was totally soaked. Of course, this meant I now had to plant snow peas everywhere. Some didn’t come up, but the potted fig tree has a successful friend, and the strawberries have unexpected company as well. My garden is a surprise, sometimes!

rain5rain1I love how the garden is growing up and filling out. Only three years ago it was mostly lawn and concrete paths. Obviously the big established trees and shrubs were there before. I can’t do lawn. So much care, growing, growing, mowing, mowing. Planting something I don’t have to constantly care for is far superior for me.