Action – next project!

Alright, I admit that budding rhubarb has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but none of the actual pictures are any good to use for a headline. Also, it offers a glimmer of hope, new life, even for this old ragged building. Just LOOK at this! It’s grim, isn’t it?

garden building 6

Thankfully, Daylesford has very little termite action, mostly the ”good” kind which cleans up wet wood only and leaves the dry behind. Here in my old garden building they seem to have had a good time. I am wondering how much is affected, how on earth is the roof staying on if it’s all like this?

garden building 3

No need to worry though, I will make it great. This is why I am ripping off the lining, so I can see what lies behind. The present lining is a mix of all kinds of chipboard and MDF and masonite, sometimes all three put together in an inch thick layer of offcut sizes like a patchwork. Maybe whoever put it together originally worked somewhere you got free material? Alarmingly, the plasterboard ceiling to this part sounds like it is the home to a large animal. I strongly suspect possums judging by the smell. When I rip off the plasterboard, will I get a possum on my head? Likely. I will carry an umbrella and have someone on standby for amusing action pictures as I get ripped to shreds by angry marsupials.

garden building 7

The wood I replace will be something which does not get affected by termites, such as cypress or treated pine. I love ripping out rotting material, even if it looks worse to start off with. I am in for a good time obviously!

garden building 4

garden building1

There are some odd materials used, like this round post set in concrete which in turn supports a stud. Behind the lining below I found a door. There is a bench next to it which I thought I could remove, but no. It is SET IN CONCRETE. Really. Set in the floor itself. Who does that?

garden building 2