All for a little bit of fabric…

Have you ever slept on a canopy or half canopy bed? Did you feel different if you have? Here is my theory: The last time you slept under a canopy, it was when you were a baby, being tucked into your pram. A feeling of security. Ridiculous, really, by putting a scrap of fabric above your head you can invoke an inexplicable feeling of safety and shelter but I think it is true.

canopy bed

Want to make your own canopy bed? It isn’t hard. I used three old verandabrackets and various scrapwood, with hefty steel brackets chiselled into a rebate and sandwiched in between the wood. Don’t worry, once you start analysing it will all make sense. There are many ways to go about it, none are correct and none wrong as long as it stays up. Then when you are done, hem a long length of fabric and simply drape it. I used a pale cotton lining to a deep outer fabric. Without the lining it became a bit dull. Then I nailed a large square of fabric straight to the wall to give the bed a backing. I will regret doing that, in time, but I will change it when I do. Tassels, don’t forget tassels.

A little accommodation philosophy

What do you want when you go away? People have different ideas of what makes good accommodation. I am very hard to please, as I want something different from what I have at home, and certainly it ought to be better. I also want reasonable value. It has to be interesting visually. Could be the building itself, or something in it. I want it to be in a beautiful area, but I will still long to return to my temporary home each day. A tall order? Certainly it is. If that’s not enough, I also want to get more out if it than I thought I would. In short, I want to be pleasantly surprised. I think that last one applies to all guests, really.

With me in mind as potential guest, I design my accommodation. Would I be happy or unhappy about this or that? Needless to say I am still unhappy about a few things. The front of the house, for instance, belies what lies inside. I would quietly wonder, as a first time guest. What is the meaning of this?

I would explain to myself-the-guest that I am finishing the front last. Or at least soon. Maybe when it gets warmer. After the bathtub is in, at the very least. I would genuinely ask myself, what would you rather have, a finished front or the new tub? The bathtub, obviously, I would answer myself-the-host. And so it goes, the dialogue between me and myself. Will I one day agree with myself that I am done? Possibly.

You might have completely different ideas about what kind of accommodation suits you best, which of course is fine. Sometimes the search for somewhere to stay is as much fun as the actual staying.

me myself