Here is a selection of articles, please bear in mind that they are not about the Pip, more about previous projects. I did a few things with Better Homes and Gardens some years ago, this generated a lot of publicity which was great. My last accommodation also won things which encouraged more. Then I wrote a book called Built Like A Woman, Murdoch Press, which gave me more still. I wrote it to all the people who really want to build or renovate but perhaps haven’t done much yet. I can tell you that it is a good idea, also why, and a little bit of how. My book is certainly available in public libraries, don’t know what book shops still stock it (I do know the Bookbarn by the lake does) but I can always send a copy to you. AUD 25 will get it sent to your door in Australia (main areas, not those which deliver by water buffalo or whatever it takes to increase postage in the awkward-to-reach corners of our big land), or buy it for a guest price here in Daylesford.

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