A miner’s couch for the Pip

I am gathering furniture for the next seating place at the Pip, hoping to have it ready before summer but who knows? Could just as well be ready next year, or next week. It is a good idea in my mind to get your essentials ready for when you need them. I bought this old miner’s couch, probably cedar, from a woman in Glenlyon. So lucky, I usually have to travel for hours to pick up my finds. It is a bit rough though, in original condition apart from a replaced leg. The wire base is full of dirt, and what seems to be entwined chicken feathers.

miners couch 6miners couch 1Nine happy hours of hand sanding lots of fiddly bits. The old cracked varnish comes off easily enough. Sigh.

miners couch 4The wire base has an interesting construction, you can tension it if it has gone slack by turning these bolts.

miners couch5The old owner said that ”the spring base has hay stuck to it” but no, it is most definitely feathers. I freed them with tweezers and pliers and the last hour of daylight, as I had a final test of just how far my patience would stretch. Finally, I gave it a coat of Danish Oil which brought out the wood colour beautifully. This is a most wonderful product, so easy and pleasant to use and smells divine. If you are into furniture oils as a perfume, anyway…   The mattress just needs the final touch of a cushion or two, that will have to wait until final placement. Hooray!

miners couch2