Flower bike – my own this time

At my gallery I have another flower bike, a bike I bought a couple of doors down at the MS op shop. For such a small penny a flower bike really is a good addition to the streetscape, isn’t it? The black spraypaint cost more than the bike itself. This photo was taken a couple of years ago, I can see I need to plant more pansies again this spring… You only get a couple of years from the baskets before they start to fall apart. I do wooden boxes now, but metal is good too.

There is a step by step on doing your own flower bike here https://queensberrypipdaylesford.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/flower-bike/

A flower arrangement

I am not very interested in flower arrangements. Mostly guests get something I just randomly pruned from the garden, but I do try sometimes. Here is what I consider one of my more successful attempts. I call it Baby Tears with Zebras. The zebras are not eating anywhere near fast enough and are now threatened to be totally engulfed by the Baby Tears. For those of you not in the know, Baby Tears is a plant.

Small space gardening

I went for a short walk this morning as I have been impressed for a while with some tiny gardens around the corner. Share! Not having any land to garden on has not stopped these gardeners. Wombat Park, a local magnificent, huge, massive, impressive in every way, garden is having an Open Day, which is great. But don’t neglect to admire the gardening on a shoestring displayed in small pockets.

Here is my morning walk. First up is the new hairdresser on the post office corner, Class A Styling. I like how they have not been content to put pots on the sills, but also halfway up. The windows have a string arrangement for the climbers to attach to. Let’s hope the imminent frosts don’t hinder their progress.

small garden12

small garden8The succulents below cascade out in a green luxurious pour, in full sun which is gruelling for any plant. This one blooms bright red, spectacular. I bet it never gets watered either, it is in an awkward spot. Brilliant. I am growing some of this myself, when it gets bigger I will be happy to give cuttings. It strikes as easily as you could wish, put a piece in the ground and la! There it is.

small garden11small garden9Opening hours included in case you need a lock of hair snipped off on your visit.

small garden13The entry is a jungle. Very hard to photograph (with my phone) but it is a vertical garden, where every wall is covered head to toe.

This dark pic shows the length of the terracotta pipes seen above which they are using as planters. Interesting.

small garden14Here is an example of extremely hardy agapanthus growing around a tree in the road. Do not dismiss this gem.

small garden10For comparison, I present to you my convincing argument. A neighboring tree, without plants. Lush.

small gardenA couple of steps down:

small garden2

Or it could look like this, ten steps further:

small garden3Lower maintenance, better for birds and bees. Rosemary to harvest. Zero water yet green year round. Annual weeding and pruning, that’s about it once it is established. Plant up your nature strips!

Sometimes a small garden can be as simple as letting it continue past your fence.

small garden 5Or baskets at a cafe, here Bocconcini on Vincent Street. Yes, a little more effort in carrying everything in and out every day but patrons will be able to season their own food with the herbs…

small garden 16On Vincent Street is Frangos and Frangos, where rampant climbers grow from the tiniest opening in the tar. I honestly don’t know how plants do that. There is no SPACE, no nothing. Yet they grow. There is a lesson there, I’m sure.

small garden 17I have shown my own flowerbike before, but it can be included again. I used to grow parsley in it but now it has ivy and succulents, a little daisy. Let the strongest win!

small garden4But the prize goes to local caterers Spade to Blade, hands down. They grow things in large wooden potatoboxes at the back, but have recently squeezed in plantings in sacks, pots, whatever, along the wall. My personal favourite is the triangular pot set in a niche, working to avoid the downpipe. Go up the laneway between Harry and Me and Cellarbrations to fully appreciate this.

small garden15small garden 19Soon to come, peas.

small garden 18

small garden 20It is an inspiration and I feel I need to upgrade my own plantings, somehow. Thank you Gary and staff.