Heat sensor camera

Here are a few pictures taken in Wombat Forest by night vision cameras. This is part of a project cataloguing the animals living in this part of the woods. My friend David (who also does guided forest walks, see other my wildlife posts about that) is one of the volunteers who checks on the cameras. All images copyright Wombat Forestcare in conjunction with VPNA Naturewatch.

Here is a wombat, very curious.


Koalas are best at climbing trees, not walking. Their gait always looks pretty awkward.


So when you walk around the forest, look very carefully indeed. There are animals out there… Went for a bushwalk around Badger’s creek (or so David said, I never have a clue where we are) this morning, saw kangaroos but nothing else.

This project is funded through the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country, the R.E. Ross Trust and the ANZ Staff Foundation. You can keep up to date with what is happening and see latest photos on the VNPA Facebook page.


Hello koala

The koala is one of the rarest animal sightings here, not because of lack of numbers, but because of being still and high up in a tree during the day. And who wants to be on a bush track in the middle of the night? My walking companion David from Daylesford Forest Strolls sent me this picture from yesterday’s walk.  Though he can’t promise sightings, at least he knows where the best chances are.

Call David on 0428 112 378 or email asic45(at)gmail.com if you want to find out more.

forest strolls


This is just one of the reasons why you should slow down at night. Just look at who is awake… Photo taken by friend in Lyonville last night.

Keep it to 70, tops. Much less if foggy or icy. The animals are around, you are driving in their living room. Should you hit anything, don’t forget to check the pouch. We have a local self funded shelter in Hepburn, they are always looking for donations. link here: http://www.hepburnwildlifeshelter.com/

ring 13000 WILDLIFE for roadside emergency rescue.


STOP sitting in the middle of the road! It is not safe! It’s cute, but NOT SAFE.