Plant markers

I have been wanting plant markers for ages, but only after buying a curry plant yesterday did I actually do it. The curry plant is not the most interesting looking of shrubs, and would rarely be recognised for what it is unless I added a label. The second hand shop down the road furnished me with a gang of spoons (still need more!). I dipped them in white oilpaint and stuck them in my fence to drip dry.

plant markersSo far, so good. I dropped one in the paint tin and had to fish it out with sticks and very painty slippy fingers. It is the one stuck in the ground. Very difficult. It is not as homogenous looking as the others, probably the best one really. Then it started raining and oilpaint in the rain is NOT a good idea as it pocks. Now I had to bring them inside in a hurry and it’s not easy to find homes for sticky drippy spoons. Recommendation: check the forecast. I had a perfect finish, now no more. Here is my dropped spoon.

plant markers 3Some permanent marker and the job is done. When I planted my apple trees I chose them for their names, don’t you think King of Pippins is a great choice for Queensberry Pip? And by the way, the Curry plant, Helichrysum italicum, is a herb. It has a subtle flavour reminiscent of curry and can be used however you like, but best with mild foods like eggs, potatoes, fish or yoghurt. Chop leaves finely.