Autumn market at the Swedish Church Sunday night

Do you live in Melbourne, looking for something to do this Sunday? Why not go to the Swedish Church to join the scandinavians celebrate Valborg, or Walpurgis Night. If you have been to the annual Christmas market, expect a scaled down version of the same only set by night and with some other traditions. At Valborg, we light a bonfire and sing to the coming spring.  Swedes have a song for every occasion, except for maybe why spring is really autumn? I am sure we can wing it regardless. Let’s just celebrate spring together.market3

When? 4pm-8pm. Fire is lit as dark falls.

Where? Toorak House, 21 St Georges Rd, Toorak

Why? Because it is atmospheric, there will be a small scandinavian market and I will be there with my hats and Swedish stuff. There will be food (skip cooking dinner), cinnamon buns (of course), and some Glogg to keep the spirits up. See you there!



Warburton Nordic Festival

Coming on Oct 17+18: Warburton Nordic Festival, I am going with a great stock of hats (have been working my fingers to the bone recently). My friend Asa from the Australian Wheatbag Store is going with me and we hope to have a brilliant weekend. There will be all sorts of Scandinavian goods and activities, not just vikings. Brilliant, you are coming too? See you there. Warburton! The fresh air! The trees! The peace and country! The VIKINGS!

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